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Our Programmes have been created with the objectives of the foundation in mind. It is our aim to expand these programmes to cover extensive range of maternal and child healh issues. We also encourage individuals to approach the foundation with suggestions on possible areas we can invest, in order to save more lives.

Reports over the years have shown that each year more than 200,000 women and 1 million newborn babies die from maternal health and newborn complications in Sub-Saharan Africa. Some of the causes include infections and diseases like pneumonia, malaria or diarrhea, together with premature and low-weight birth, lack of hygiene or of a safe place during labor and delivery. The simple fact is that most of these deaths can be prevented by easy, available and cost effective solutions, as long as pregnant women and new mothers with infants get the right health care as well as education at the right time. It is for this reason that as a foundation we embark on this course to educate expectant mothers to cater well for themselves and their babies, during pregnancy and after child birth. To support this worthy cause kindly click below to donate, partner and support us.

We believe that the training of Traditional Birth Attendant and midwives is very crucial in saving the lives of mothers and their babies in Ghana and in the sub-Saharan Africa as a whole as they play major roles especially in the rural areas. Some major causes of maternal mortality such as postpartum hemorrhage, hypertensive disorders in pregnancy, infections among others can be educed, if TBAs and midwives are given the needed training on how to handle some of the emergencies that emerge during childbirth. As a foundation we support and engage qualified professionals to train TBAs and midwives for these purposes. Help us save a life by partnering, sponsoring and volunteering for this cause.

Everyday thousands of newborn babies are born with no fault of theirs who need support to survive daily. This means they have to be receiving special care and attention in the Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU). Equally some women can have conditions which require special attention. It is for this cause that we source special funding to support women or babies with critical conditions. Our HSMB project is targeted towards pregnant women and babies with critical conditions which require urgent support. The life of every mother and a baby is important. Support our HSMB project to help save many lives who equally deserve better healthcare but for economic hardship need help to do so.

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