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Based in Accra, Ghana, WOMCHILD Foundation is a non-governmental organization, established to help improve maternal healthcare, improve the health and well-being of Children and active mentoring of young girls.The well-being of a mother and child in the communities is our fundamental priority.The support of young girls is equally essential in building stronger and safer communities


Our Mission

To help improve maternal and child health in Ghana and across Africa through maternal health education, organising and promoting programs which support both mother and child well-being and effective mentoring of Young Girls.

1.          Maternal Health Education

2.          Programs and projects that improves the lives of children

3.          Training of health workers by skilled professionals

4.          Active Mentoring Young Girls



The attainment of a Ghanaian society which is totally ridden of all preventable maternal and child deaths; of a state in which neither the location nor economic circumstances of a woman in any manner impede access to medical information or health centres.


That every mother should have equal access to professional health care, irrespective of location and  or financial standing, to safeguard her life, health and that of her baby.

We believe:

That good and timely maternal health information can help save the lives of expectant mothers as well as the training of community health workers. 

The life of a woman should not be at risk during pregnancy, delivery or post-delivery because of her location.

Every expectant mother deserves a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

Likewise every baby or child deserves to grow up with a mother in an equally safe environment.

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