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Help Support Maternal and Child Health in Africa

Many people in Africa live below the poverty line. As a result of poverty, illiteracy, lack of information among others, the West African sub-region records some of the worse maternal and child mortality rates in the world. Governments across the region are making efforts to reduce the occurrence of death during childbirth and the loss of babies, but there is more work to be done in order to achieve realistic results.


Some of the many ways we can reduce maternal mortality are:

  1. By civic education and the creation of awareness.
  2. By training birth attendants and mid-wives adequately so as to reduce the risk of death.
  3. By finding safer means of transportation for pregnant women to travel to the hospital in cases of an emergency.

These and many other factors are the major hindrances to the effort of reducing maternal mortality in the sub-region. It is therefore our core mandate at WOMCHILD FOUNDATION to help in the best way we can to support birth attendants, mid-wives, expectant mothers, new mothers and women with other maternal complications through our programs and projects in order to improve their way of life. This is done with the hope that eventually, we shall together reduce maternal and Child mortality rates in Ghana and hopefully spread our programs across the African.


Womchild Foundation therefore welcomes support in many forms in order to achieve all these important goals so as to save more lives. We therefore humbly request assistance from prospective donors, sponsors, volunteers and event organizers across Ghana as well International to help achieve our goals.

The Goodies Keep Coming!


We offer counseling and advisory services for women, expectant mothers and young girls. There are many issues and challenges facing women of today, but many cannot find help simply because there is none available. Womchild has therefore positioned itself to help counsel women with problems relating to maternal health, child birth and issues affecting women. Do not suffer in silence; contact us to make an arrangement for you to speak to a professional counselor who can give you the help you need.                                                 


Many of our young men and women, school girls, adolescents and teenagers are ill-informed on issues like premature sex or sexual transmitted diseases just because they are not aware of the dangers involved. Many of them learn from their peers which mostly turn out to be wrong. Many parents are not bold enough to discuss sex with their children, allowing them to go and experience sex for themselves with disastrous consequences. Hence we are open to educate young people about sex and the consequences.                                          


Women are historically very hard working and many of them have worked beyond the pension age. Unfortunately a lot of women are not educated enough to make informed choices in relation to their careers. Womchild believes that irrespective of your age, with the right advice, many women can change their careers and make a huge difference for themselves and that of their families and the society as a whole. We offer career advice to women of all ages including student so as to help them make the right choices going forward

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